Library– The college has a very rich and systematically manage central library which is named as “Chunni Devi Saraswasti Devi Granthalaya”. It was established in 1966 in secrad memory of Smt Chunni Devi and Smt Saraswati Devi. Library is situated in the centre of the college. It has four sections: The main library, research/ reference book section, reading room and magazine/ journal/newspaper room. Main library has books that are issued to students and teachers. The research and reference book section is for PG and PhD students for their dissertation and thesis. There is separate reading room for students. It is equipped with newspaper, magazines and periodicals. An attendant with an attendance registers is always there. Timing for reading room is 10:00 am to 04:00 pm. In magazine room, different magazines journals and periodicals are subscribed. There are five book issue computerized counter where students issue and return books on their scheduled dates.

Library a rich collection of 58722 books, 15 daily newspapers, 17 monthly magazines, 18 competition magazines, 19 national and international journals. Library is open for all bonafide students and staff. Internet facility is available for students in the library. Computerization of library is in progress

Photocopying Service– Library has photocopying
service for students and staff members.

Library Staff:

1.      Sri Manjul Jyoti Verma- Deputy Librarian.

2.      Sri Chiranjiv Lal- Cataloger

3.      Sri Atul Kumar Rawat- Library Clerk

4.      Sri Ajay Anand Pandey- Library Clerk ( Issue

5.      Sri Phoolgesh Prasad- Library Clerk (Issue

6.      Smt Pankaj Jaiswal- Libaray Clerk/ Girls
counter / Research Scholar counter

7.      Sri Anantanand Mishra- Library Clerk (Issue Counter)

8.      Sri Surendra Kumar Singh- Book Lifter

9.      Sri Rakesh Kumar Maurya- Peon

10.  Smt Madhubala- Peon (Common Room)