Welcome College alumni and undergraduates! We invite you to join us in connecting with fellow classmates through College reunion activities,  class reports, and alumni events.

Association will be a non-profit making Society with the following aims and objectives:

    1. To uphold and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Mater;
    2. To encourage and promote inclusive traditions of The College and to strive for their furtherance, through all the activities of Association, including exchange of professional knowledge, organisation of Annual and periodic Lectures /Seminars /Symposia etc. centered around themes that deepen our understanding and appreciation of the values enshrined in the Preamble of The College;
    3. To recognize and identify the role of the College Alumni as important stakeholders in the continuing quest to provide excellence in education by way of academic and technical collaborations;
    4. To help alumni achieve their professional and social goals;
    5. To realise the enormous benefits that may come from the engagement of Alumni with College vision and seek their support in identifying the recognition among the world’s leading institutions in academics, research, outreach, and innovation;
    6. To provide opportunities for community service and to act as good will ambassadors of College with in India and abroad;
    7. To serve as effective interlocutors in upholding the cause of peace and disarmament and in promoting friendship and co-operation in the public, particularly in locating and augmenting its frontline research areas;
    8. To provide academic and professional interaction and networking among The College Alumni and endeavor to create career opportunities for the College student’s community;
    9. To honor distinguished Alumni of College who have excelled and contributed in their respective domains; and,
    10. To assist deserving students from the sections of the society financially and otherwise.


To fulfill above objectives “Alumni Association of HRPG College Khalilabad” will soon register its Alumni.